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I began voice acting as soon as I learned how to read at the age of 5. Every book, magazine and newspaper article was read aloud to family and friends. And people seemed to like it. I was always chosen to present the school plays and loved reading aloud in class.

After a brief stint studying computer science, a friend of mine took me to a radio show and my fate was sealed.

I began my career in 1996 in Miami, FL, and since then I've voice basically everything: Radio and TV commercials, TV promos, Radio Imaging, documentaries, training videos, you name it, I've voiced it.

The most important thing I've learned over these 20+ years of career is that the fundamental job of the voice Artis is create am emotional connection with the listener.In this over saturated era of media communication connecting emotionally with your audience can make or break an audiovisual piece.

That's why hiring the right voice is crucial for your project's success. And that's why you need a voice that truly connects.