Training Video Narrator

Your Checklist For Finding The Perfect Training Video Narrator

Getting ready to create a training video? In addition to writing the script, finding the perfect actors, and getting the crew ready to record, you’re likely looking for a narrator for hire. Narrating a video may seem like a simple task, but if you’ve ever tried it on your own, you’ll find that it’s anything but. It’s a good idea to find a narrator for hire to help you create a professional training video. Take a look at this checklist of items to consider when you’re searching for a video actor for hire for your training video.


Ask your narrator for hire for samples of their past work as a training video narrator. This can be a helpful way to find out if their style is a good fit for your project. If they don’t have previous experience as a training video narrator, asking them to send you a brief sample of them reading your training video script can help you to get an idea of whether they’d be a good fit for the style of reading you’re looking for.


It’s also a good idea to ask your voice actor for hire for references of previous project managers they’ve worked with. Whether you decide to call their references for more information or not, the fact that they’re willing to provide you with references shows that they're professional and easy to work with.


You may also want to send your narrator for hire an example of other training video narrator professionals whose style you hope to emulate with your training video. This will help the narrator for hire who you are considering for your training video decide if they’re a good fit for the project. If they decide they’re not a great fit, it’s likely that they’ll be able to refer you to another professional in their network who would be happy to work with you.


If you’re looking for a training video narrator, I’d love to talk with you to see if my skills could be a good fit for your needs. As a voice actor for hire, I'm here to help you with all projects related to voiceovers. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.